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TP series

TP series

Thermopiles are IR temperature sensors that fully utilize SEMITEC original silicon-micromachining technology. SEMITEC’S thermopiles are fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.

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Ear thermometers, IR thermometers, microwave ovens and other non-contact temperature sensing applications.


Connection Diagram


Parameters Value Unit Conditions
Sensitive area 1.05×1.05 mm2 Size of Absorbing Film
Responsivity 15±30% V/W
Output Voltage1 200±30% μV
Output Voltage2 1.00±30% mV
Temperature Coefficient of Responsivity1 0.02±0.02 %/℃ Reference
Thermopile Resistance 65±30%
Temperature Coefficient of Thermopile Resistance ±0.1 %/℃
Johnson Noise Voltage 33 nV/√Hz Johnson Noise r.m.s.,298K,1Hz Typical
S/N Ratio1 75.7 dB Output Voltage / Johnson Noise,Typical
Noise Equivalent Power1 2.2 nW/Hz1/2 Typical
Specific Detectivity1 4.7×107 cm・Hz1/2/W Typical
Time Constant 15 ms Typical
Operating Temperature Range -20〜100
Storage Temperature Range -40〜100
Filter Range Cut on 5 μm Standard
Field of View ±50 deg. Incident Angle to Achive 50% Responsivity
Insulation Resistance ≧500 Application of DC25V
Sealing ≦1×10-9 Pa・m3/s
Thermistor Resistance Value 100+3% Rated zero-power resistance Value at25℃
Thermistor B-Value 3435±0.7% K Determined by rated zero-power
resistance value at25℃ and 85℃
Variation within same Lot. ±0.2%

1Test Conditions
Blackbody Furnace:500K
Sensor – Blackbody Distance: 100mm
Sensor Temperature: 298K
Aperture Size: φ12.7mm

2Test Conditions
Blackbody Furnace:310K
Sensor Temperature: 298K


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