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CT Thermistor (high temperature type)

CT Thermistor (high temperature type)

The axial glass encapsulated CT series thermistor features excellent reliability and high heat resistance. SEMITEC’S CT thermistors are fully compliant with RoHS DIRECTIVE2011/65/EU.

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Home electronics, HVAC equipment, water heaters, kitchen appliances, solar systems, vending machines, refrigerated display cases, batteries, refrigerators

Part number



Part No. Rated zero-power resistance1 B-value ref. temperature (℃) B-value2 Dissipation factor
Thermal time constant (s)3 Rated power
(mW) at 25℃
Operating Temperature range
Lead wire Dimensions
Temperature (℃) Resistance (kΩ) Tolerance (%)
252CT-4 25℃ 2.50kΩ ±5% 25/85 3670K±2% approx. 2.1 approx. 10〜
10.5 −50〜+250 Nickel
512CT-4 5.10kΩ 3200K±2% −50〜+200
562CT-4 5.60kΩ 3200K±2%
912CT-4 9.10kΩ 3270K±2% −50〜+250
103CT-4 10.0kΩ 3270K±2%
113CT-4 11.0kΩ 3270K±2%
203CT-4 20.0kΩ 3410K±2%
473CT-4 47.0kΩ 3610K±2%
513CT-4 51.0kΩ 3610K±2%
563CT-4 56.0kΩ 3610K±2%
104CT-4 100 kΩ 3450K±2%
204CT-4 200 kΩ 3500K±2%
252CT-20218 0℃ 7.881kΩ ±3% 25/50 3745K±2% −40〜+150 Tin
103CT-11005 25℃ 10.0kΩ ±2% 25/50 3680K±2% −30〜+150
103CT-21048 25℃ 10.0kΩ ±3% 25/85 4100K±2% −40〜+150
103CT-01006 25℃ 10.0kΩ ±5% 25/85 3900K±2% −30〜+150
103CT-20217 0℃ 30.0kΩ ±2% 25/50 3434K±2% −40〜+150
503CT-91027 50℃ 19.727kΩ ±2.5% 25/85 3992K±2%
104CT-90113 25℃ 100.0kΩ ±5% 25/85 4070K±2%
503CT-90083 85℃ 5.911kΩ ±3% 25/85 3800K±2% −40〜+250 Nickel plating

1 Rated zero-power resistance at 25℃
2 B-value determined by rated zero-power resistance at 25℃ and 85℃
3 Time required to reach 63.2% of temperature difference. Measured in still air.


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